Sports Nutrition Workshop

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Time – 3.30-5pm

Bookings – Regular £17 (includes food tasting) or Skype link up £10 



Are you fatigued from training? For quite a while I was feeling constantly fatigued from the amount of training and coaching that I was doing. I always eat very healthy yet could not find the right balance. So it was back to research. I then discovered a very logical way to develop a diet that supported my training and now I get great performance, really good recoveries, no fatigue and the ability to train/coach multiple times in a day.

Before you ask I AM NOT SELLING a diet plan that you have to sign up to and neither am I selling any products. I would like to share my experiences and good logical advice based around natural foods and help you to optimize your training/fitness with a sports nutrition based diet that works. Plus I have a great natural power shake/recovery shake that is so effective.

It is so hands-on that you get to taste samples of meals and shakes made during the workshop by Coach Michael.

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I attended Coach Michael’s nutrition workshop at WildForestGym and despite having a pretty good understanding of sports nutrition after many years of training I came away with some great new ideas for pre-, during and post race nutrition, especially around the idea of basing my sports nutrition more on natural foods. He gave some great insights into what to eat, when and why, whilst all the time preparing some excellent recipes for us to sample. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in eating more healthily for personal or for performance reasons, no matter what their prior level of knowledge is. You will come away inspired, and full!

Steve Ward, OCR Racer