Obstacle Race Magazine – Jump & Running Training

Obstacle Race Magazine Interview with Michael Cohen
Obstacle Race Magazine

Jump & Running Training

by Michael Cohen

Issue 2
April 2014

As OCR edges towards becoming a sport we look at how to develop and refine the technical skills for such a multi-disciplined event. Coach Michael reveals one his top-secret training sessions that he uses for 2013 Spartan Race UK Champion Thomas Blanc in the lead up to The Nuts Challenge. Continue reading

Obstacle Race Magazine – How to train without obstacles

Obstacle Race Magazine Interview with Michael Cohen
Obstacle Racing Magazine

How to train without obstacles

by Michael Cohen

Issue 2
April 2014

Obstacle Race Magazine asked our in house obstacle race training expert Michael Cohen how he trains his elite OCR athlete’s at TEAM Wild Forest Gym without obstacles.

As a TEAM we can’t always be on an obstacle course to practice the techniques. But that said, we do not actually need to be on one. When we look at the individual elements of an obstacle, it is about understanding the functional natural movements that are involved in the obstacle. These include: climbing, balancing, crawling, running, jumping, pulling, lifting and throwing. Continue reading

Why would I want to crawl around like an animal?

teaching ipso crawl

Ispo Crawl when left hand is synched with left foot movement

As a stranger to ‘Functional Natural Movement’ I wouldn’t be surprised if you have such a question pop up in your mind as ‘Why would I want to crawl around like an animal?’

From an onlookers point of view it may look strange however crawling or I should quadrupedal exercises comes in all forms and styles.

downward dog posture

Yoga ‘Downward dog posture’

Yoga has asanas (postures) that include – dog, cat, camel and table.  Gym workouts of all forms will have you on all 4’s doing exercises such as press ups and squat thrusts. Pilates will have you doing the ‘Fire hydrant’ and ‘Donkey Kicks’ and lots more. Obstacle Course Challenges to crawl under, over and around obstacles. Continue reading

Women are going mad and wild for Wild Forest Gym!

female wild forest gym warrior
In the last week Wild Forest Gym has had a huge influx of Facebook likes facebook.com/wildforestgym from women.
Women not only want to get their hands into the mud trails, but they want to get fit outdoors!Now is the time for outdoor fitness training in the forests where they can here the birds, see the wildlife and the changing colours of the trees, whilst training hard and having some fun. This is in stark contrast to the windowless, air-conditioned, music blaring and testosterone filled gym.


Take your general fitness onto new levels

general fitnessWild Forest Gym’s outdoor fitness is suitable for you if you are a beginner looking to develop your fitness levels, and for you if you are a more seasoned trainer looking to move your general fitness onto new levels.

The great thing about our outdoor fitness training program is that it is progressive training i.e. each session will move you forward. Unlike other training gyms no two sessions are the same. So each session will push, test you and reward you! Continue reading

Wild Forest Gym for the Athlete and Sportsperson

runner jumping over log

Wild Forest Gym offers amateur and professional athletes, sportsmen and sportswomen an opportunity to develop a multilateral training program to integrate with their Sports Specific Preparedness (SPP) training.

Wild Forest Gym is a Functional Natural Movement Fitness outdoor fitness training program, that takes functional movement onto a new level by taking all the elements of the unpredictability that you get from natural movement and fuses them together. This develops you on all levels – spiritual, mental, psychological, physiological and biomechanical. Continue reading

Is Wild Forest Gym just physical or does it train the mind in dynamic ways?

When it comes to natural movement and functional movement techniques you start to appreciate that everything has a purpose, everything is connected. The more we train you physically with every lift, throw, catch, carry, crawl, jump, climb, run and balance the more it will train your mind.

It trains you mentally, psychologically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. You see your ability to cope with day to day issues can be determined by how robust you are, and how adaptable your mind is. What we are talking about is increasing your core attributes and skills in all aspect of your life: flexibility, balance, co-ordination, agility, confidence, self esteem, adaptability, positivity and coping mechanisms. Continue reading