Training guide for the next generation OCR racers

Obstacle Race Magazine Interview with Michael Cohen
Obstacle Race Magazine

Training guide for the next generation OCR racers

by Michael Cohen

Issue 3
May 2014

As OCR racing is establishing itself, we are starting to see the next generation of racers stepping up to take on the elite at their game. We ask our Training Expert Coach Michael what advice does he has for the 12 –17 yr old who wants to get into obstacle racing. Continue reading

Optimize your Obstacle Racing with Functional Natural Movement

Our training is focused around ‘Functional Natural Movement’ as a way of developing the body to its full potential in regard to its agility, flexibility, dexterity, co-ordination, strength and power.

‘Functional Natural Movement’ is the synergy of ‘functional movement’ with that of ‘natural movement’ in order to maximize functionality of your body in regard to locomotion skills, manipulative skills and safety skills.locomotion skills Continue reading

My First WFG Obstacle Training Session

Today I found myself up at 6am, porridge in hand, with plans to go to the Wild Forest Gym in Ruislip. Why was I up so early? Well, looking at the journey a couple of days previously, I had estimated it would take me the best part of 2 hours to travel there in time for the ambitious start time of 9am. Fuelled up and ready to go, I undertook the epic journey to the forest! When I finally got there at 9.10, huffing and puffing and cursing my sense of direction, the other two members and the instructor Michael were already waiting for me. After a brief introduction, and a well placed rebuke regarding my orienteering skills, we got started. Continue reading

Book your Free Trial Session


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We will have you crawling, jumping, climbing, balancing, throwing, lifting,  catching and running barefoot through the forests, along the trails whilst having fun and getting fit.

Just fill in your FREE TRIAL FORM below. Book and attend your session and you will be entered into our free draw. Continue reading

Wild Camping with Wild Forest Gym

natural movement exercisesJust like the 1-day Experience Workshop the 2-day Experience Workshop will cover the same elements. However the 2-day Experience Workshop is structured so that the experience will be more intensive, and you will have the opportunity to spend more time working on the individual elements. We will break the technique down and make sure that you have good foundations.

PLUS – You get the opportunity to sleep out in the wilds of the forests. Experience the awesome side to the forests by sleeping under a basha sheet rather than locked away in a tent. Hear, see, feel and touch all the elements of the forest around you with a roaring fireplace. Continue reading

Immerse yourself in a Wild Forest Gym for 7 hours

natural movement exercises

20% DISCOUNT when booked 30 days in advanced

This is your opportunity to experience 7 hours of outdoor fitness training and learn the basics to Wild Forest Gym’s 10 fundamental ‘functional natural movement’ elements – crawl, walk, run, jump, climb, throw, catch, lift, carry and balance.

These 10 fundamental elements will give you an insight into how you can develop your body to its full potential when it comes to natural movement skills of: balancing, standing, bending, leaning, climbing, sitting, pulling, jumping, falling, lifting, twisting, crawling and carrying.

On this intensive 1-day Experience Workshop as well as learning the basics to the 10 fundamental elements your outdoor fitness workshop will including how to: Continue reading

Review of a Parkour Generations Class

parkour vaulting a railI thought I would check out a new Parkour (Free Running Class) in Royal Oak, London. It was a night when the heavens opened. The class was advertised at the  LEAP (London Experience of Art du Deplacement and Parkour) Park, which  is the world’s first managed outdoor Parkour facility, situated in the heart of London (see above pictures). However it was an evening class and the Leap Park is not floodlight, so out on the roads we were warming up on our way down to a nearby estate.

This was our warm up jog. Over railings, running on curb stones jumped down a wall and we were at the front of a council estate building. In front to us was this network of walls that we were instructed to stand on. It was then to be follow my leader, where the coach took us around a circuit of squats, piston squats, bear crawls, upright leaps, crawling leaps and so on. There was a major cross over with a lot of the exercises we do in Wild Forest Gym. Continue reading

Can crawling like a bear benefit the way you think?

crawl underToday’s Wild Forest Gym Training Session included the following fundamental movements: climbing, barefoot running, crawling, jumping and carrying (fuller details below).

The main focus was crawling on all fours through the woodland undergrowth. It included bear crawls (left hand synchronized with right foot) and Ipso crawls (left hand is synchronized with left foot).

When crawling through the undergrowth you have to adapt, adjust, crawl around, under and over branches and obstacles.

But is there more to it? Continue reading