Optimize your Obstacle Racing with Functional Natural Movement

Our training is focused around ‘Functional Natural Movement’ as a way of developing the body to its full potential in regard to its agility, flexibility, dexterity, co-ordination, strength and power.

‘Functional Natural Movement’ is the synergy of ‘functional movement’ with that of ‘natural movement’ in order to maximize functionality of your body in regard to locomotion skills, manipulative skills and safety skills.locomotion skills Continue reading

Interview with Head Coach Michael Cohen

muddyrace.co.ukFollowing our [MuddyRace.co.uk] Spartan Race Training Day review we caught up with Michael Cohen the UK Head Coach of Spartan to ask a few questions..

What is the philosophy of the training camp?

  • There are no limits or boundaries. Sometimes it takes stepping out of their comfort zone so that contenders can move beyond anything they have done before.
  • To teach contenders functional natural movements – climb, jump, throw, lift, carry, run, balance and crawl. It is these principal movement skills that will also develop their strength, power, flexibility, co-ordination and endurance skills. Continue reading

The Top 5 Benefits of Alternative Locomotion: Part 3 – Multiplanar.

spartans bear crawlingby Joe Di Stefano of Spartan Coaches

Click here for Part I and click here for Part II

The human body has three primary planes of motion, the sagittal plane, the frontal plane, and the transverse plane.

All human movement can be categorized as occurring in in one of these planes depending on if it involves stressing the body as a left and right side, a front and back side, or a top and bottom; respectively. In short, the human body can move forward/back, side to side, and up and down.

These movements are an integral part of functional natural movements that we use at Training Camps. Continue reading

Functional Natural Movement – The key 11 Elements (Part 1)

Over the coming weeks we will be posting a series of articles focusing on 11 key elements to Functional Natural Movement. ‘Functional Natural Movement’ is the synergy of ‘functional movement’ with that of ‘natural movement’ in order to maximize functionality of your body in regard to locomotion, manipulative and safety skills. In this first post we will look at an overview of them.

locomotion skillshttps://wildforestgym.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/manipulative_150x104.jpgsafety skills

Continue reading

Editor of Obstacle Racing Magazine meets Michael Cohen

Obstacle Racing Magazine By Jonathan Compton

Editor Obstacle Racing Magazine

7th April 2013

‘How did that feel?’

‘About 8 out of 10’ I replied, out of breath at the top of a steep hill.

‘Ok, now try it like this…’

And suddenly what felt like a max effort hill climb became more like a 6 out of 10. And faster!
This was the Eureka moment for me on a recent sunny April morning. I had made the 50 minute drive from home to Bracknell and one of the Wild Forest Gym venues, and was in the company of Michael Cohen, functional and natural movement evangelist.

Michael had invited me for a free taster session during a conversation we had about him writing a training column for Obstacle Racing Magazine UK. And I can tell you I had a great time. Talk about functional training. The warm up was a number of hill sprints and ditch jumps. We talked about crawling, rolling, jumping, and we practiced them all. And just when I thought it was safe to relax we reached an innocent looking patch of watery grass. Continue reading

Why would I want to crawl around like an animal?

teaching ipso crawl

Ispo Crawl when left hand is synched with left foot movement

As a stranger to ‘Functional Natural Movement’ I wouldn’t be surprised if you have such a question pop up in your mind as ‘Why would I want to crawl around like an animal?’

From an onlookers point of view it may look strange however crawling or I should quadrupedal exercises comes in all forms and styles.

downward dog posture

Yoga ‘Downward dog posture’

Yoga has asanas (postures) that include – dog, cat, camel and table.  Gym workouts of all forms will have you on all 4’s doing exercises such as press ups and squat thrusts. Pilates will have you doing the ‘Fire hydrant’ and ‘Donkey Kicks’ and lots more. Obstacle Course Challenges to crawl under, over and around obstacles. Continue reading

*** Latest News ***

Updated 5 April 2013

WFG Obstacle Course Training for Spartan Race Wild Forest Gym’s Spartan Race Training UK now LAUNCHED! …read more.
log carry Tough Mudder Training – New training session in Swinley Forest, Bracknell on Saturdays 09:00-10:30…read more.
Independant Newspaper review of Fild Forest Gym Independant Newspaper journalist Jamie Merrill writes a review on Wild Forest Gym…read more.
tough_mudder_thumbnail Sunday Training **NEW TIMES ** 09:00-10:30 It is Training Day for Tough Mudder’s this Sunday Morning at our Ruislip Venue. It is time to get muddy and to work you hard in your obstacle course preparation. Now is the time to realise what you have you have committed yourself to…book now.

Women are going mad and wild for Wild Forest Gym!

female wild forest gym warrior
In the last week Wild Forest Gym has had a huge influx of Facebook likes facebook.com/wildforestgym from women.
Women not only want to get their hands into the mud trails, but they want to get fit outdoors!Now is the time for outdoor fitness training in the forests where they can here the birds, see the wildlife and the changing colours of the trees, whilst training hard and having some fun. This is in stark contrast to the windowless, air-conditioned, music blaring and testosterone filled gym.


Wild Camping with Wild Forest Gym

natural movement exercisesJust like the 1-day Experience Workshop the 2-day Experience Workshop will cover the same elements. However the 2-day Experience Workshop is structured so that the experience will be more intensive, and you will have the opportunity to spend more time working on the individual elements. We will break the technique down and make sure that you have good foundations.

PLUS – You get the opportunity to sleep out in the wilds of the forests. Experience the awesome side to the forests by sleeping under a basha sheet rather than locked away in a tent. Hear, see, feel and touch all the elements of the forest around you with a roaring fireplace. Continue reading

Immerse yourself in a Wild Forest Gym for 7 hours

natural movement exercises

20% DISCOUNT when booked 30 days in advanced

This is your opportunity to experience 7 hours of outdoor fitness training and learn the basics to Wild Forest Gym’s 10 fundamental ‘functional natural movement’ elements – crawl, walk, run, jump, climb, throw, catch, lift, carry and balance.

These 10 fundamental elements will give you an insight into how you can develop your body to its full potential when it comes to natural movement skills of: balancing, standing, bending, leaning, climbing, sitting, pulling, jumping, falling, lifting, twisting, crawling and carrying.

On this intensive 1-day Experience Workshop as well as learning the basics to the 10 fundamental elements your outdoor fitness workshop will including how to: Continue reading