Wild Forest Jam Series

WildForestJam v.3 Team Challenge

WildForestJam v.3 ***TEAM CHALLENGE***

Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2016

Bank Holiday Monday 29th August 2016

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Team Size 4 (mixed or gender)

Team types – Elite, Age Group & Fun Teams

Teams – Only 25 so get booking

Ticket Price £99 for 4 tickets

After the success of 2015 WildForestJams which everyone loved, we have decided we want to give you more. So we present to you WildForestJam v.3 TEAM CHALLENGE.

Missed 2015 WildForestJam check out the video its awesome!


This is how it works:

  • 1 day event.
  • Team relays.
  • Team challenges.
  • Course route includes:
    • 2.3k Obstacle course with 36 Obstacles.
    • 346m Jump Course with 32 technical Jump.
    • 1.6k Trail run.
  • Heats, Semis & finals.
  • Specified recovery period between each round.
  • Coveted WildForestJam LEGENDS oak stump for Team Champions.
  • Special team prize for team who puts their heart and soul into the WildForestJam.
  • Every team runner will get a Legends medal.
  • Race rules will be published in advance.

Missed WildForestJam 2015 Series? Here is the video to justify you not wanting to miss WildForestJam 2016 


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Cold Water Workshop

Cold Water Training

Cold Water Workshop

Now that you have started your cold Water Training Plan it is time to incorporate controlled cold water immersions.

WARNING – Cold water immersions are dangerous. It is recommended to be undertaken with the support and guidance of a competent coach, whom is experienced at acclimatisation training. Cold Water Immersions needs to be taken very seriously to reduce the risk of hypothermia, injury or even death. Cold Water Immersions should not be done on your own. If for any reason you are mad enough to do it on your own always tell someone that you live with or a close friend what you are doing so they can assist, supervise and react to your needs. Please always tell someone what you are doing so they can look out for you. Cold Water immersion is dangerous and should only be done in the presence of a competent coach. Training is only suitable for those over 18 years old.

Wild Forest Gym has partnered with The Nuts Challenge & Mudstacle.com to hold COLD WATER IMMERSION WORKSHOPS at The Nuts Challenge OCR course. FOr those of you who will be racing there in March this is your opportunity to get to test out your Cold Water Acclimatisation Training and put your racing skills to the test. Continue reading

The Nuts Challenge Cold Water Training

nuts challenge cold water training

Nutters, it is time to get ready for The Nuts Challenge, with your FREE Cold Water & Cold Weather Training Plan!

The Nuts Challenge Race Director, Wayne Monkman in partnership with Mudstacle.com, has asked obstacle race training specialists Wild Forest Gym, to help prepare his nutters for race day with Cold Water Acclimatisation Training.

Monkman says “As an event organiser I feel it is my duty to look after the welfare of my nutters. This means giving them first class training, so that they can prepare themselves. This way every nutter can enjoy themselves and be safe.  Last year the weather turned on us and hundreds of nutters risked hypothermia, because they were not familiar with cold water and cold weather exposure.

Similarly they were inadequately kitted out. This year every nutter will get a FREE Nuts Challenge Cold Water & Cold Weather Acclimatisation Training Plan. This will include  kit advise and 4 weeks of progressive training so that they are race READY & Race SAFE for the NUTS CHALLENGE”

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Cold Water Training Workshop


We have lined up a number of cold water training workshops over the coming months, which supports our FREE Cold Water Training Plan. Here are January dates. The workshops are 90-minutes. They will include immersions & submersions in lakes, streams and ponds as well as guidance and kit viewing. This is your opportunity to train with other Cold Water Masochists under coach supervision. All workshops will require a minimum number of attendees so that we are able to keep the cost of the 90-minute training workshops at £20.

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FREE Cold Water Acclimatisation Training

cold water training

WEATHER ALERTS – 11th October 2016 – Temperatures dropped to 2.5 degrees in Essex.  DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE cold water and cold winds.

It is time to get ready for winter OCR races, with your FREE Cold Water & Cold Weather Training Plan!

For those of you who raced at last years UK Champ and Nuclear Fallout you will know what I am about to say. The temperature plummeted the day before and there was an icy chill! So many people suffered because the weather had been so mild up to then and were not prepared or kitted out. Lets not make 2016 a repeat of last year.

Early is the key word to preparation for your winter races. Although we have experienced milder winters for the last 3 years we must not forget that the winters can hit us hard. Back in 2012/2013 it was –8°. The reason I remember it was because I was running Tough Guy on January 29 2013 it was -10° in the water and the ice was 2cm thick. So do not be deceived by the last 2 winters, plan and prepare for the worst, and you will be in a good standing for your winter OCR races.

Just note we don’t need frosts for the water temperature to rapidly drop. Similarly when going in and out of the water the wind chill factor can really affect our comfort zone and can lead to cases of hypothermia. Also do not underestimate how the temperature of the lakes, ponds and rivers will slowly drop from September/October.

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TOD Subscription with mudstacle.com

Technique of the day

FREE Subscription to get your Daily TOD ‘Technique of the DAY’ with mudstacle.com

by Michael Cohen, Head Coach at TEAM Wild Forest Gym‘s, Elite OCR Racing Team

To subscribe NOW click here.

What are TOD’s?

TOD’s stands for ‘Technique of the Day’. It is a way that Coach Michael gets all his OCR Elite athletes and general trainees to incorporate an element of their training into their day-to-day life, then it becomes part of the norm.

Coach Michael says “What we do each day with a TOD is to take a small element of out training, and spend a moment or two periodically throughout the day practising and developing it. It is so small that it doesn’t require finding time. Just a bit of multitasking or straight forward mindfulness. Whether you are at home or at work, it is so easy to incorporate. A TOD is a small thing, but it can have a massive affect in your racing or training.” Continue reading

Mudstacle.com – Thomas Blanc wins Spartan Race London Sprint

London Spartan Sprint review – kicking off the 2013 season in style

Mudstacle.com  August 26, 2013

Spartan gladiators

This year’s UK Spartan Race season has felt like it’s been a long time coming and their return has been shrouded by nervous anticipation, for me at least. If I’m going to be honest, I think this weekend’s London Sprint was make-or-break for the Spartan team, if they ever wanted to truly establish a dominant position in the UK obstacle course race market. There are so many other players out there, big and small, it was time for Spartan to reach their potential. Well, I am very pleased to tell you, this weekend’s Sprint massively exceeded my expectations. Many congratulations to the team… and welcome to the UK!

I’ll share my thoughts below but to set the scene, here’s our video edit: Continue reading

Thomas Blanc interview – A Spartan Champion emerges

Thomas Blanc


By Pete Rees at mudstacle.com 19 September 2013

As the UK obstacle course race scene continues to grow, a few stars are starting to emerge and the man of the moment is undoubtedly Thomas Blanc. This London based athlete has dominated the 2013 UK Spartan Race season so far, with first place wins at all four Sprints.

With such a variety of conditions and terrain at London, Cambridge, Yorkshire and Edinburgh, Thomas is really starting to prove his diversity. After last weekend’s Yorkshire race, Thomas was confident with his ability to face whatever Spartan could throw at him:

“I felt faster than ever. I chose to race my race without focusing on other runners. This time it was me against the course. The course was superb. My goal was to show Spartan Race that I am ready for whatever they have to throw at me and even more. I can’t wait for next weeks race. Bring it on!”

Of course he then went on to smash the hell out of Edinburgh, so his confidence was justified! Having proved himself over the shorter distances, the real tests will be at the longer 12km+ “Super Spartan” and 20km+ “Spartan Beast”. Not only because of the distance. The Spartan Beast in particular is likely to attract the UK’s best obstacle course racers, including none other than reigning Beast champion Jonathan Albon. That’s going to be a very exciting battle. I’m almost more tempted to watch than take part! Continue reading