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Muddy RaceSpartan Race Training Camp – You and Your Log

If you don’t already know Spartan Race have appointed their first official UK training coach Michael Cohen of Wild Forest Gym. Following this they have now set up training camps at Pippingford Park (home to the Spartan Races later this year) taking potential participants of Obstacle Races through their paces and offering advice on how get most out of yourself.
We were lucky enough to get involved on their second ever session and after an early start turned up ready for action. They were running advanced or beginner sessions across the day and we were bold enough to go for the advanced option starting at 9am. We caught up with Michael to ask a few questions read them here. Continue reading

Review: Fitness fans are heading into the forest to get in shape

reading post review on wild forest gym

Reading Post reporter Jon Nurse undertakes the Wild Forest Gym fitness training session under the guidance of coach Michael Cohen.

Deep in Swinley Forest one cool, spring afternoon, two men were hard at work. The first, a slender blond chap, eyed up a chunky log, put his hands around its underside and pulled it up to his waist. With an encouraging nod from his companion, he hoisted the log into the air and with arms shaking, slowly extended his reach to triumphantly hold the weight high above his head.

The weight lifter was me, and my companion was Michael Cohen, founder and head coach at Wild Forest Gym. The gym uses elements of the forest environment to help people get fit, and I was put through my paces during a taster session. Over the course of the 90 minute class I ran, jumped and crawled my way around the landscape, with the aim of becoming a more rounded physical and mental athlete. Continue reading

My First WFG Obstacle Training Session

Today I found myself up at 6am, porridge in hand, with plans to go to the Wild Forest Gym in Ruislip. Why was I up so early? Well, looking at the journey a couple of days previously, I had estimated it would take me the best part of 2 hours to travel there in time for the ambitious start time of 9am. Fuelled up and ready to go, I undertook the epic journey to the forest! When I finally got there at 9.10, huffing and puffing and cursing my sense of direction, the other two members and the instructor Michael were already waiting for me. After a brief introduction, and a well placed rebuke regarding my orienteering skills, we got started. Continue reading

Trust and camaraderie got me through wild workout

wharf article log liftingReview by Beth Allcock Feature writer at

A rough, tough trip to the woods could see you dig up your inner warrior

24 January 2013

A stint at Wild Forest Gym will help you “reveal the warrior inside”. According to the company’s website at least. But arriving at the vast fitness site in Surrey Quays, spread across Stave Hill Ecological Park and Russia Dock Woodlands, I felt more Powerpuff Girl than Xena, Warrior Princess. I suppose the neon pink hoodie, matching hat and diamante gloves didn’t help… Continue reading

Review: Vibram FiveFinger KSO

Vibram FiveFingers KSOWhere do I start. Simply the Vibram FiveFingers® KSO’s are just awesome!

I would happily end my review at that, but I am sure you would like some justification. So here we go.

Putting them to the test

I bought my KSO’s in time for my Wild Forest Gym Summer Training Camp on the idyllic Balearic Island of Ibiza. Up to this point in the season I had been doing all my running and Wild Forest Gym training barefoot. I had my Vivobarefoot Neo’s  and Vivobarefoot Neo Trails but neither of them were going to be experiential to the point of being virtually barefoot. As I said my overall choice is barefoot, however I knew from previous trips to the island, that when I got up onto some of the hill trails the gravel was going to crucify my feet so I decided to make the investment. Continue reading

Book your Free Trial Session


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We will have you crawling, jumping, climbing, balancing, throwing, lifting,  catching and running barefoot through the forests, along the trails whilst having fun and getting fit.

Just fill in your FREE TRIAL FORM below. Book and attend your session and you will be entered into our free draw. Continue reading

Women are going mad and wild for Wild Forest Gym!

female wild forest gym warrior
In the last week Wild Forest Gym has had a huge influx of Facebook likes from women.
Women not only want to get their hands into the mud trails, but they want to get fit outdoors!Now is the time for outdoor fitness training in the forests where they can here the birds, see the wildlife and the changing colours of the trees, whilst training hard and having some fun. This is in stark contrast to the windowless, air-conditioned, music blaring and testosterone filled gym.


Wild Camping with Wild Forest Gym

natural movement exercisesJust like the 1-day Experience Workshop the 2-day Experience Workshop will cover the same elements. However the 2-day Experience Workshop is structured so that the experience will be more intensive, and you will have the opportunity to spend more time working on the individual elements. We will break the technique down and make sure that you have good foundations.

PLUS – You get the opportunity to sleep out in the wilds of the forests. Experience the awesome side to the forests by sleeping under a basha sheet rather than locked away in a tent. Hear, see, feel and touch all the elements of the forest around you with a roaring fireplace. Continue reading

Immerse yourself in a Wild Forest Gym for 7 hours

natural movement exercises

20% DISCOUNT when booked 30 days in advanced

This is your opportunity to experience 7 hours of outdoor fitness training and learn the basics to Wild Forest Gym’s 10 fundamental ‘functional natural movement’ elements – crawl, walk, run, jump, climb, throw, catch, lift, carry and balance.

These 10 fundamental elements will give you an insight into how you can develop your body to its full potential when it comes to natural movement skills of: balancing, standing, bending, leaning, climbing, sitting, pulling, jumping, falling, lifting, twisting, crawling and carrying.

On this intensive 1-day Experience Workshop as well as learning the basics to the 10 fundamental elements your outdoor fitness workshop will including how to: Continue reading

Are you training for an Obstacle Course Challenge?

Spartan Race Obstacle

Obstacle Course Challenges and Adventure Races are not for the light-hearted. They will test ever fibre inside you!

How ready are you?

Training for the known, unknown and unknowable!

You can learn to climb those cargo nets, ropes and jump over fire through sport specific training but will that be enough. You see, Sports Specific Preparedness (SPP) training will teach you the skills of the individual disciplines and obstacles, but what they do not do is train you in an all-weather environment that challenges you with the cold, the mud, the rain, the ice, frozen ground, rutted, rooted and slippery surfaces. Neither how to deal with the thousands of competitors and lunatics (there is always some) around you. Just consider about how the terrain is going to be once 2,000 competitors have ploughed through and left the remnants on the obstacles. Continue reading