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Ross Cohen Youth 14-16 Ross Cohen
head_150x150 Elite Bethany Holland
Mark Johnson Masters 50-54 Mark Johnson
Emma Abbott Masters 35-39 Emma Abbott
Dustin Bird Masters 35-39 Dustin Bird
Charlie Heatley Elite Charlie Heatley
Laura Roberts Elite Laura Roberts
 Dasos Elite Dasos Gonnella (Das)
Elite Alys Hernandez
Sam Farrington Elite Sam Farrington
Stacey Owen Elite Stacey Owen
Elite Andrew French

NB – Youth & Junior Athletes are racing with the elite racers at seniors races.


Ross Cohen

Ross Cohen
Category: Age Group – Youth 14-16
Born 1999
Best Accolades – Spartan Race Super 1st in age group 14-15. The Nuts Challenge Winter 2014 (7k) 2nd place in Age Group 14-19 (5th place overall in seniors race). The youngest ever Spartan Race Trifecta at the age of 14yrs old  in 7k & 14k & 21k Spartan Race seniors races.

Ross represents future generations of OCR racers whom from a very young age can be moulded into aspiring elite OCR athletes.


Bethany Holland

Category: Elite
Born 1986
Best Accolades –  Perth Spartan Sprint 2014 – 1st female, Mud Gladiators 2014 1st female (2nd overall), Western Mudd Rush 2014 2nd overall/1st female, Perth Trail Series 2014 2nd overall, Cambridge Spartan Sprint 2nd female 2013.

Bethany is currently in Perth, Australia and will be returning to the UK in the Autumn. Meanwhile, she will be racing for TEAM Wild Forest Gym in Australian OCR League for the rest of the season. Bethany is currently in 2nd place female in the Western Australia (WA)League. Bethany receives weekly 1-2-1 Skype Coaching, which is a 1st but is proving to be most effective.

Mark Johnson

mark Johnson
Category: Age-Group Masters 50-54
Born 1963
Best Accolades – Spartan Race London Sprint & Super 2014 1st place Age Group, The Nuts Challenge 7k 2014 1st place Age Group, 2nd place overall.

Mark is not just satisfied with the goal of being the UK’s NO.1 OCR athlete in his Age Group 50-54, he wants to be the UK NO.1 OCR in the age category 40-44. Over the coming season we will be building Mark to achieve his goal. An inspiration to anyone over 40 looking for a new lease in life.

Former TEAM Members

Thomas Blanc 2013-2014

Thomas Blanc
Category: Elite
Born 1989
Best Accolades – Spartan Race UK Champion 2013, Spartan Race Worldwide 5th/600,000.

Thomas Blanc is one of the UK’ most talked about obstacle racers on the UK OCR scene, having won the 2013 UK Spartan Race Championship. Thomas was trained by Coach Michael from the start of his OCR career in in 2013 to 2014.

Thomas Blanc full profile.

Tristan Stead 2015

Tristan Steed
Category: Elite

Best Accolades – 2015 – Spartan South Beast – 2nd place. 2015 – Nuclear Blast – 28k – 1st place (am) Nuclear Blackout 21k – 2nd place (pm) 2015 – Nuts Challenge 4 laps – 1st place. 2015 – WildForestJam V.2 – 1st place. 2015 – Midnight Man Marathon – Iron distance Tri – 10hrs 2 mins – 1st place. 2015 – Great Barrow Challenge, 10 marathons in 10 days, all sub 4hrs – 2nd place 2015 – WildForestJam V1- 2nd place.

Caine Johnson 2013-2015

Caine Johnson
Category: Age Group – Juniors 17-18
Born 1996
Best Accolades – Spartan Race London Super 2014 1st place age group 17-19, Nuclear Rush 2014 (7k) 1st place, The Nuts Challenge Winter & Summer 2014 (7k) 1st place, Back to the Trenches 2014 (6k) 2nd place, Zombie Evacuation (London) 2013 1st place, 5k PB 16mins

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