TEAM Membership

All  TEAM WildForestGym OCR athletes will be provided with coaching and the opportunity to race individually and to be selected for team entries.

Following is an overview of the TEAM membership:


Jump training

TEAM WildForestGym athletes will receive coaching that is OCR specific and based on the practice and principles of Natural Movement Fitness. These will include  a wide range of locomotion & manipulative skills including: balancing, climbing, lifting, carrying, throwing, jumping, catching, running and crawling.

All coaching is undertaken by TEAM WildForestGym’s Head Coach & Manager Coach Michael, a Movnat Coach and Head Coach for OCR Team UK.

At TEAM WildForestGym our objective is to optimize your ability as an  OCR athlete by developing you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Most importantly taking your weaknesses and developing them alongside you strengths to make you a complete OCR athlete and a TEAM Wild Forest Gym champion OCR racer.

TEAM Coaching

TEAM Coaching takes place at the Award Winning WildForestGym ‘Best OCR Training’ Centre in the UK, Mudstacle Awards 2015.

Our facilities in Brentwood, Essex include:

  • HQ with office, changing rooms/showers/wc, workshop room.
  • A Wild Forest Gymnasium -with the UK’s first only natural movement forest gymnasium – high bars, twister core posts, snake beams, lizard crawl.
  • A 346m technical jump course with 32 jumps.
  • Private & permanent race day obstacle course with 36 obstacles over 2.35k of technical fast and twisted forest trails.

As a member of the TEAM you will have unlimited access during opening hours as well as TEAM training workshops and sessions.

Training Plan

All TEAM athletes will receive advice on how to develop a training plan that focuses on the necessary skills required to optimize their racing.

1-2-1 Coaching

Personal 1-2-1 or small group coaching is available at additional cost.

Training Log

We will provide you with an on-line training log to record your training sessions, races, diet, health and related information.



TEAM WildForestGym at UK OCR Championships

UK OCR Race Series

TEAM Wild Forest Gym will be compiling an OCR Race Series Calendar selecting the optimum races that tests the individual TEAM athletes. The criteria will be determined on competitiveness, terrain, obstacles and importantly of our athletes race prize money. We will develop an annual race calendar for each athlete in the form of on and off seasons so as to balance racing, training and recovery, in order to avoid over training/racing.

Race Kit

Each TEAM Wild Forest Gym wear with pride the TEAM kit. what a sight seeing the TEAM on the startline in their TEAM kit.

Race Tickets

Here at TEAM Wild Forest Gym we have a reputation for our training. Additionally  I have a close relationship with key races and race directors which means we get free/discounted and priority elite wave tickets.

Race Entries

Individual Entries

We will develop a personalised race calendar to include ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’ races.

 ‘A’ Races – The 3-4  most important races of the year, where you will be peaking with your training.

‘B’  Races – These will be races that you will be looking for a PB however, you many not be peaking in your training.

‘C’ Races – Are training races which replace training sessions. These are also used for skill building.


There will be an opportunity to race in team heats with your TEAM athletes.

Europe & US OCR Race Series

Depending on your stage of racing we will look at opportunities for you to race in Europe & US.


Individual Sponsorship

We have started to source sponsorship for individual athletes. As you will be aware top OCR athletes in the US such as Hunter McIntyre and Hobie Call are rightly getting the sponsorship they deserve. The UK is at least 12 months behind the US in respect to OCR racing, so we have work to do as a TEAM to show the potential sponsors of the opportunities to sponsoring our elite OCR athletes like yourself. It is our intention to get individual sponsorship for our podium elite and aspiring OCR athletes, where possible, here at TEAM Wild Forest Gym.

Team Sponsorship

We are currently sponsored by 2XU and GU Energy.

We are looking for additional sponsorship to help towards our athletes expenses in racing.


In order to bring together your coaching, mentoring, racing and sponsorship we will also acts as your manager. This way we can make sure your coaching is implemented to optimize your racing. With this in place and you reaching the podium, we will manage and market you as a racer in regard to sponsorship, endorsements and press coverage.

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