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Are you ferocious enough to take on the original Tough Guy and ultimate challenge offering brain freeze like you’ve never experienced before! Tough Guy is staged over a course of eight country miles. It consists of a gruelling mud run followed by a beasting through The Killing Fields assault course – not forgetting the barbed wire, cuts, scrapes, burns, dehydration, hypothermia, acrophobia, claustrophobia, electric shocks, sprains, twists, joint dislocation and broken bones.

WFG Obstacle Course Training for Tough Guy

Tough Guy is not for the light-hearted. It will test ever fibre inside you!

How ready are you?

Alexandra’s thought she was until she had her first WFG Obstacle Course Training for Tough Guy Session…

I’ve been trail running for many years, on sand, mud, wet grass and even in water just below my knees so I thought Obstacle Course Challenges would be the thing for me and that I just need some really tough or boot camp training in the gym or in my back yard and a lot of off road running.

Well I still think Obstacle Course Challenges is a thing for me, but what I was calling mud is now just earth or simple dirt with a bit of water in it. The word “mud” has a different meaning for me after the session with Michael Cohen. I got the “taste” of real mud training.

Training for Tough Guy- The known, unknown and unknowable!

You can learn to climb cargo nets, ropes and balance on beams in any indoor gym. You can run 10 km on a treadmill, on the road or even on a park trail. But the question is how realistic is this type of training?

WFG Obstacle Course Training takes you out of the indoor sterile gym environment or manicured open grasses of the park and trains you real-time in the natural environment of the forest. The forest has its natural obstacles; the varying and testing terrains; and the all-weather training conditions that prepare you for your event.

WFG Obstacle Course Training for  Tough Guy will train and prepare your by teaching you to clamber, crawl, pull, push, lift, carry, jump, throw, catch, balance. Whether you are standing, bending, kneeling or on all fours you need to be familiar and able to adapt to the mud. So when you have knee deep clay mud or on treacherous slippery slopes then you can approach and action with confidence.

WFG Obstacle Course Training will train you in an all-weather environment that challenges you with the sun, the heat, the rain, rutted, rooted and slippery surfaces and most of all the mud.

You do not know what the weather or is going to be on the day or in the lead up to the event. You have to be trained for all eventualities. It could be scorching hot threatening you with dehydration or the ground could be flooded out from the rains.

You will need to have great skills in mud running with acute perception for the environment, terrain and obstacles around you to deal with the thousands of competitors and lunatics (there is always some) around you. Just consider about how the terrain is going to be once 2,000 competitors have ploughed through the mud and left the remnants on the obstacles.

Most of all you need to reduce your risk of injury. It is extremely high to those who are untrained or those who make bad judgement calls.

Spartan Race ObstacleWFG Obstacle Course Training is a dedicated outdoor fitness all-weather training program that exposes you to all elements in the forest. You can’t change the weather, but with our outdoor fitness training program we will teach you how you can change your body’s temperature thermostat. You will experience the mud, rain, ice, snow, cold and heat. Can’t guarantee the fire but we can guarantee that we will fire you up! So you are ready for whatever you are thrown up against!

Every aspect of  WFG Obstacle Course Training for Tough Guy is about training the unknown and unknowable so that you are versed, confident and agile to adapt physically and mentally to the challenges around you.

WFG Obstacle Course Training for Tough Guy will have you:

  • Carrying, lifting, catching, throwing, pulling and pushing trunks, logs and stones;
  • Crawling on all four’s – backward, forward, sideways and upside down;
  • Jumping up, down and along on the ground and other forest elements.
  • Using the trees to climb and balance on one leg, two legs, and on all four’s, going forwards, backwards, up and down.

Spartan Race competitorsWFG Obstacle Course Training for Tough Guy will prepare you physically, mentally and spiritually, so that when you turn the bend and you hit the next obstacle or mud ploughed trail you can contend and adapt with confidence and self-esteem to whatever you are confronted with.

Our training for Tough Guy will train you hard so that you can learn how to use Functional Natural Movement Techniques to develop yourself on all of the above levels and learn how to use your body, your muscles your mind in a way that you were born to do. Learn how to use gravity to run and power forward.

As a Tough Guy ‘Warrior’ you can and you will achieve and surpass your objective. You will even be able to laugh and have fun!

There are NO LIMITS, it is just a mind game!

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