Training for Judgement Day

obstacle course crawl under barber wire

Judgement Day events are a combination of natural and man-made obstacles designed by a senior fitness advisor for Sandhurst Military Academy. You should expect to run 10 miles, get wet and muddy and have to battle your way round a course designed to train the elite.

Training for Judgement Day

Wild Forest Gym are the specialists when it comes to Obstacle Race Training. Training is lead by Coach Michael, whom is Head Coach for Spartan Race & TEAM Wild Forest Gym that includes OCR Champion Thomas Blanc.

How ready are you for Judgement Day?

Now it is time to step up your training with the experts. Whether you are looking to be a finisher… wanting a PB…or after a place on the podium we will get your Race READY!

Training Venues

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Click here for Group & 1-2-1 Training.

Training you for Judgement Day

Wild Forest Gym Obstacle Course Training are the specialists when it comes to getting you Judgement Day FIT…Judgement Day SAFE…Judgement Day READY for your obstacle course challenge.

We take you out of the sterile gym environment and away from circuit training in the park and instead offer you all-weather outdoor training in the forest and woodlands that simulate conditions and the environment of your obstacle course challenge.

We will train you for the unknown and unknowable aspects to your obstacle racing and make sure you are ready to take on the Judgement Day challenge and overcome any barriers or limitations. We will make sure you are versed, confident and agile to adapt physically and mentally to the challenges around you.

Judgement Day Training includes:

WFG Obstacle Course Race Fit Training
  • Functional Natural Movement Training – Skills to include: climbing, jumping, throwing, lifting, balancing, crawling, carrying, catching and running.
  • Strength & Endurance Training
  • Terrain and Orienteering Training
  • Mud Running Training
  • Water Wading Training

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WFG Obstacle Course Race Safe Training
  • Injury prevention Training
  • Hazards Skills – Training you for the unknown and unknowable aspect of eventing – terrain, mud, tree roots and trench hazards etc.
  • Safety Skills – Teaching vital safety skills such as: reactive, adaptive, rolling, falling and landing correctly, safely and confidently.
  • Acclimatisation – We provide all-weather training to teach you how to acclimatise and have the right kit and protection for cold, rain, hail, ice, sun and heat.

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WFG Obstacle Course Race Ready Training
  • Training plans
  • Race Day & Race week planning
  • Kit and clothing for training and racing
  • Nutrition and fluid advice for training and race day.
  • Self care – feet, toes and nail care, sores, cuts, tetanus and insurance.

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Visit Judgement Day website to learn more about the challenges you will be facing

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