UK OCR Champs training at host venue

UK OCR Champs Training

UK Champs is hosted at Nuclear Races. That means the UK OCR Champs are coming through WildForestGym and using our awesome obstacles and our jump course with 32 technical jumps.

Don’t loose your band and get training here 6 days per week and get UK Champs READY!

Here are the booking options:

  • Book a 1-2-1 UK Champs Training Session which will be tailored to your exact needs. 1-2-1’s can be 90mins, 2-3hrs, half or full day. 90 minute sessions are £55. If you bring a friend(s) then it is only an extra £10 per person.
  • Book a midweek 2hr or Day Taster Deal and get a FREE* induction. Then you can train on your own in the gym 6-days per week on the obstacles being used in the UK Champs.
  • Book a weekend Day Taster Deal and get a FREE* induction and all of this:
    • Induction at 9am, which will then allow you to come back and use the gym and obstacles 6 days per week.
    • UK OCR Jump Skills Training at 11am (optional) 32 technical jumps over 346m.
    • UK Champs Obstacle Skills Class at 1pm (optional) where you can choose which skills you want to practice.
    • Free use of the gym and obstacles after the class until we close.
  • Book a Group Class i.e Running training, Outdoor Fitness, Natural Movement or UK Champs Obstacle Skills.

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