What The Trainees Have To Say


Wild Foresters on race day

David robinson


My therapist and I ran on his treadmill on Thursday and he felt my form was as good as he’s ever seen it. Progress!!!!! So big thank you

David Robinson, Owner of RunActive


david sowerby

My list of injuries included sporting and motorbike accidents which left me with 4 knee operations, hips that are out of line and an ankle that doesn’t fully flex. Shortly after hitting 60 I did a 6k. Best of all, I got round injury free.  The techniques I’d learned – running, crawling, jumping and adapting to the terrain all played a part in that. This form of training encourages you to do things safely … but you still find yourself going beyond what you thought your limits were.

 David Sowerby


The reason I come back for more is that this training is flexible and I am not inclined to come every week which fits around my life brilliantly with my career, Michael’s training is motivational to push you a little bit further but fun at the same time. You are part of a team but the training gives you an opportunity to work on personal weak points in which great advice is given.

Gina Barnes



I have been training with WFG for just over a year.  Not only has each session developed my fitness, whether it be cardio, core or balance but it has also greatly improved my mental strength which has not only helped with obstacle races but also in my day to day life. Training outside you are constantly being challenged by many natural obstacles and various weather conditions, which no regular gym can ever prepare you for.

Lisa Redwood


I have gone from someone who hated the cold weather to someone who is embracing it. I have come from someone who use to shy away from any challenge to now facing challenges or competition head on With everything I have got, and learning more about what my body can actually handle with and use the things I learn in everyday life.

Adam Messenger

Amy Bramble

Last month, I went on one of the free trial sessions currently on offer at the WildForestGym in Brentwood, Essex. It was a perfect, late spring afternoon and I absolutely loved it! The afternoon was a great chance to build on some existing skills which I’ve developed through my yoga practice such as the ability to balance (sometimes!) and work with my own body weight but it also threw a bundle of curve balls too as we were asked to run (something I’d not done for longer than I care to admit!) and jump and climb over over all manner of obstacles.  Read More

Amy Brambles


Trying out these new exercises pushed my body physically whilst challenging my flexibility and coordination in a whole new way that I was used to. The twister, is used to develop coordination and control, the aim being to crawl from one point to another smoothly, whilst holding your body steady. Just another fascinating piece of equipment used in Wild Forest Gym, and one which required flexibility, calculated hand positioning and good core strength. Overall an exhilarating experience, expert coaches and one unique gym I’ll definitely be training at again!


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