Wild Forest Gym versus an Indoor Gym

ForestIt doesn’t take much to comprehend why we training ‘OUTDOORS’ in a ‘NATURAL’ environment.

Where you can ‘BREATHE’ cleaner air; listen to the ‘SOUNDS’ of nature; see the ever changing ‘VIEWS’  and picture of the forest. Where you can ‘SMELL’ the wildness and freshness of the forest; ‘TOUCH’ nature may it be living or cut wood and the earth;  ‘FEEL’ each toe or finger grip and connect with a branch or the ground. It is a place to experience every ‘SENSE’ , whilst we train you hard!

Whereas in the gym you have: the pleasures of the ‘deodorants’, ‘pungent’ feet, armpits and sodden vest tops; CNN news and MTV videos to distract you from your exercise; The ‘air tight’ and ‘air conditioned’ chamber of the gym; and the groaning and expletives from testosterone and steroid enhanced users showing off their wares, whilst hearing the repetitive sounds of the  top 10 pop charts.

Ok, admittedly they having heating, toilets and showers, and do not have to contend with the weather. Do you care if you have to find a bush to squat behind, when you can train in the prized forest that no money could duplicate inside any building. But hey are you a warrior!

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