Wild Forest Gym Masterclasses


What will you master?

Climbing ~ Balancing ~ Lifting ~Throwing ~ Ropes ~ Tree Scrambling ~ Jumping ~ Running ~ Crawling ~ Carrying ~ Falls n Rolls ~ Ascents & Descents ~ Mud Running ~ Cold Water Immersion

We offer specialist technique & skill ‘Masterclasses’ in all the key movements in order to establish good foundations skills and to develop advanced functionality, agility, co-ordination, speed, power and optimum performance.

Here is your opportunity to train like the elite with Coach Michael, Head Coach to TEAM Wild Forest Gym & OCR Team GB (Team UK)

Wild Forest Gym ‘Never knowingly under-trained’ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


Every Saturday afternoon we will be holding Masterclasses with a specific theme/technique as per the schedule below. You can either book these 3-hour Masterclasses individually or as part of a series.


As you will see from the schedule below each Masterclass will be located at the venue that provides the best terrain for that class. We only offer the best!


PAYG £30 per Masterclass
Monthly Pass £110 for unlimited Masterclasses & unlimited Group Training Sessions.

MONEYBACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied with masterclass.


We will only be offering a limited amount of places for each Movement Masterclass so that you will be able to receive close and tailored coaching from Coach Michael. To book your place now click here. If you have a question click here.

tree scrambling


Date Sat 26 April 2014
Venue Weald Common
Times  14:00- 17:00
Ticket price  £30
Booking Click here
About – An exclusive Tree Scrambling Masterclass in a rare forest environment where you will learn to master how to scramble, carry & lift your body weight. Learn to traverse, climb, balance and body weight transfer.
Outcomes – Optimum way to develop arm, shoulder upper body and abdominal and leg strength to increase agility, co-ordination and core strength.
Obstacle Racing – There is no finer way to develop core strength and skills to going over, under and through obstacles.
jump masterclass


Date Sun 4 May 2014
Venue Epping Forest
Times 14:00- 17:00
Ticket price £30
Booking Click here
About – Jumping and landings are a vital skill when obstacle racing and trail running. This masterclass will break down all the elements to single leg & double leg jumps, on the spot & running jumps, landing, jump ups, jump downs, trench & stream jumping and safety landing & rolls.  This Masterclass will culminate in a cardio pumping trench jumping scramble just to put all the techniques into practical use.
Outcomes – Develop your awareness of your centre of gravity, fast twitch muscle development, balance, agility, ambidexterity and improved transitions between run/jump/run.
Obstacle Racing – Jumping and jumping is all we seem to do – jump up, jump-down jump over. Core skills to improve race competency, skills and speed. Plus reduce risk of injury.
natural running masterclass


Date Sat 10 May 2014
Venue Bracknell
Times 14:00- 16:00
Ticket price £25
Booking Click here
About – Everyone has a perception that they can run. This exclusive Natural Running Masterclass will breakdown your running technique and look at how adjustments to your posture, running gate and connectivity with the terrain to optimize your performance and race speed.
Outcomes – Learn how you can run faster, more comfortably and pain-free. Develop ground contact, contouring and an optimal running gait. Gain a better understanding of how you can run with the terrain rather than just past it or fight it.
Obstacle Racing – It is not all about running, but running is a core element that is going to get you on to the podium.
 rope masterclass


Date Sat 17 May 2014
Venue Dorking
Times 14:00- 16:00
Ticket price £25
Booking Click here
About – This Rope Masterclass will breakdown the key elements to rope climbing and traversing.  Tree gym rope climbing, foot locks, hands only traversing, hands n foot traverse, shoulder activation techniques and natural barefoot tree climbing.
Outcomes – Learn to lift and carry your body weight. Arms, deltoids, lats and trapezius, abdominal, hand grip & dexterity development.
Obstacle Racing – Rope climbing is the The Spartan Race burpee central. So many contenders and racers are unable to complete the 7.5 mtr rope climb. Rope climbing and rope water crossings are popping up at many OCR races.
balance masterclass


Date Sat 24 May April 2014
Venue Harrow
Times 14:00- 16:00
Ticket price £25
Booking Click here
About – The Balance & Stability Masterclass is going to teach you how you can improve your balance, stability and agility when you are obstacle racing and trail running. This is the start to you developing you feet with the same strength, dexterity and functionality of your hands. PLUS it will reduce your risk and exposure to serious ankle injuries from OCR racing and trail running.
Outcomes – Development of your micro stability muscles in your toes, feet, ankles, kness and core. Improved awareness of your centre of gravity, transitioning and balancing at heights.
Obstacle Racing – Most obstacles are about balance and stability. Balance & Stability is most elite racers nemesis when it comes to being agile on the race course.


5 thoughts on “Wild Forest Gym Masterclasses

  1. What sort of distance and what speed do you need to be able to run at for the Bracknell masterclass on running?

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