WildForestGym Route Guide

Here at WildForestGym we like to mix things up so that training is never boring, repetitive and you are continuously challenged. Here is our current route guide. Always pop back and check on the latest routes.

**NEW ROUTES** 11th Jan 2017

Spartan Race Nuts Challenge

WildForestGym Route Guide

Trail Running Routes

WildForestGym trail route

1.6k Trail Run Route

All routes are along a twisted technical fast, slippery forest trail route with large logs along route.

  • 2.35k Trail Route – This routes is the route of the Short OCR Route however you miss out the obstacles (stay to left of obstacles) but still do log jumps.
  • 1.6k Trail Route – Goes around the perimeter of the forest. Start – Leads off from official course start line. Finish – start line.
  • 1.2k Trail Route  Start – Leads off from official course start line. Splits off to the right 850m along the 1.6k route just after the fallen tree.  Finish – start line.
  • Extended Trail Routes – Each of the above routes can be lapped at the start line or reversed for interval, speed, endurance or fartlek training.

Obstacle Course Routes

WildForestGym obstacle course routes

2.35k Short OCR Route

Standard OCR Routes

All routes are along a twisted technical fast, slippery forest trail route with a range of technical obstacles and jumps.

  • 340m Jump Course – This is a very tight, fast and twisted course with 32 technical jumps over 340m. See if you can beat World Champ Jon Albon’s record of 00:01:36. Good luck! Start – At split of short and long OCR Course Routes.  Finish – where jump course crosses the the path 5m after the last jump.
  • 2.35k Short OCR Route – 36 obstacles / jumps. Start – Leads off from official course start line. Finish – finish line.
  • 2.7k Long OCR Route – 68 obstacles / jumps. Start – Leads off from official course start line. Same route as short course however after the rope climb it slits off to the left to incorporate the jump course (see above) and then rejoins the short course for the last obstacle (Peg Wall) Finish – finish line.
WildFoestGym Jump Course Route

Jump Course Route

Combo OCR Routes

Want to mix ‘n’ match to create variation or distance then you can combine the Trail Routes and OCR Routes. Every conceivable quantity of obstacles or distance from 340m to 15k routes can be created. Whether you want a obstacle heavy route or want to add more distance it’s viable. Just need some imagination or maybe some guidance.

Start & Finish for all routes unless otherwise started.  Start – Leads off from official course start line. Finish – finish line.

  • 4k OCR Route (36 obstacles) – 1 lap of 1.6k Trail route + 1 lap of 2.35k OCR route.
  • 5k OCR Route (68 obstacles)  – 1 lap of 2.35k OCR route + 1 lap of 2.7k OCR Route (miss obstacles on this lap by running to left of obstacles. However you still do all jumps along course and the jump course.)
  • 5k OCR Route (104 obstacles)  – 1 lap of 2.35k OCR route + 1 lap of 2.7k OCR Route.
  • 7k OCR Route (104 obstacles) – See Nuts Challenge route below.

Specialist OCR RACE Routes

In order to get ready for key OCR races we have created routes that enable you prepare you for race day. We are sure that these race simulated courses will take your training and your racing onto the next level.


Spartan Race

As former head coach at Spartan Race Coach Michael knows exactly what is required and expected on race day and has created this training course route that recreates race day distance and obstacles. Naturally terrain varies form venue to venue.

  • Training route specifications – Distance 5.5k,  36 obstacles.
  • Route – 1 lap of 2.35k  OCR route. This route requires you to run back to the previous obstacle and then continue to the next. i.e run to the wrist buster (do not do obstacle) and then back to tyre wall and then run to wrist buster. This time you do the obstacle. Then onto parallel bars and so on. Just remember when you arrive at the obstacle you run back and forth to the previous obstacle and then do the obstacle before moving onto the next.
  • Burpees – Only 1 attempt per obstacle. 30 burpees for every non completed obstacle.
  • Spear throw – Spear throw is located at the first corner from the start line next to the hub. Spear has to be thrown from behind log marking the path. Once completed you rejoin trail and continue along course.


Nuts Challenge

Race Day – The Nuts Challenge has a choice of 1,2,3 or 4 laps. Each lap on race day is 7k with 100 obstacles. This race is an endurance race on the basis of doing 3-4 laps. Here are our training routes.

  • Training route specifications – 1 lap of the official course is detailed below. and can be repeated to make it the equivalent of race day 1,2,3 or 4 laps.
  • 1 Nuts lap 7.4k OCR Route –  (104 obstacles) 1 lap of 2.7k Long OCR route (only do obstacles up to and including hoist, then run past rest of obstacles. Then complete all jumps on the jump course.) + 1 lap of 1.6k Trail Run + 1 lap of 2.7k Long OCR Route (miss all obstacles until you get to tyre mange and then continue to complete all obstacles including tyre mangle including the jump course).
  • Missing Obstacles – where you are missing obstacles as detailed above always run to the left of an obstacle and then rejoin route immediately thereafter.  Logs on route are still to be done.
  • 2,3 & 4 Nuts Laps – Make sure that you train progressively and only once you can complete 1 Nuts Lap with good form then and only then add an extra lap on to the training session.

Designer Routes

Do you want a route designed for a race that you are training for? If so let us know and we will be glad to design one. Meanwhile, keep your eyes open for new routes being added to the page.

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