kids obstacle club


Come and experience this newly discovered oasis in Essex, where you can train, get fit and have fun

at WildForestGym, hosted at Nuclear Races, Brentwood.


NEW Sports Yoga – Classes every Tuesday 7pm
Boxing – We now have boxing pads, gloves and skipping ropes
New Slackline – Come down to test your balance skills…plus great rehab for ankle and knee injuries.

Here at WildForestGym we climb, balance, crawl, jump, carry, traverse, throw, catch, lift, drag, push, walk, run and have fun…fun…and fun.

We monkey around, prowl like a panther and get inspired by animals to develop natural movement techniques to move our bodies and manipulate the objects around us.

We leave the weight lifting to the high street gyms and instead teach you to lift, throw, jump, carry and balance your body in the wild environment around you.

Obstacle Race Training

At Wild Forest Gym we want you to have fun whilst getting fit and healthy. Whether you are a child or adult, may you be a beginner, seasoned or an elite runner/racer we have the facilities to suit your needs.

Natural Movement Training
WildForestGym has re-invented outdoor fitness training by moving away from sterile and repetitive exercises, sets, reps and circuits and instead focus entirely on technique building through natural movement fitness and training environment set in this tranquil and stimulating 20-acre forest gym with a 2.3k obstacle course, technical jump course, trail runs and natural movement gym.
Natural Running TrainingJump Skills Training
Jams & Time TrialsEvents

Photos – Tony Jarvis, Chris Dowsett & Catherine Berry